Welcome to the Youth Message page.

All of our youth messages are posted on our YouTube Channel or you can watch them here!

September 19th, 2021 – Bees, Sharing and Gifts.

Today’s Youth Message encourages children and youth to BEEEE generous with their gifts! Click here to watch

September 12th, 2021 – Back to School.

This year students will face many choices. Which path will they choose? God’s way or the world’s way? Our youth message encourages our youth to take a stand, make a difference, grow and keep their eyes on the future.

August 22nd – Making Wise Choices.

We make choices each day. What will you choose? Click here to watch.

August 15th – Bread We Make and Bread From Heaven

Bread is a great source of comfort. What about bread from heaven? Click here to watch.

August 8th – When a Walk is More than a Walk.

Walking outside and walking in God’s love. Click here to watch.

August 1st – Boats and Worship

What could boats and worship have in common? Check out this youth message to learn more. Click here to watch.

July 18th – Decisions. Decisions.

God was not happy with his people and he went back and forth before he made his final decision.   Click here to watch.

July 11th – Visions and Working for God.

July 4th – Praising and Moving

Get ready to wave your hands or your Pentecost firestick with this active reading of Psalm 150.   Click here to watch.

June 20th – Caught in the Storm

Have you been caught in a storm? Our Ontario Summer weather can be frightening if you get caught by surprise in a summer storm. Jesus and the disciples were caught in a storm. Find out what happened and what is still happening now!

June 6th – Listen, Remember and Follow

How well could you draw blindfolded?


May 23rd – Pentecost!

The story of Pentecost told by Lego Minifigures!

May 16th – Now Hiring!

The work is abundant and the workers are few. Will you join God’s workforce today?

May 9th – Bugs and Transformations

We can transform just like the caterpillar.

May 2nd – Using Your Laser Beams with Love

We all have laser beam words and thoughts.  How will you use yours?

April 18th – God and the Rain

Rain gets everywhere and so does God’s love.


April 11th – Recognizing the Familiar in Unfamiliar Times!

Jesus took a walk with his disciples and they did not recognize him! Thank goodness Jesus is always with us whether we know it or not!

April 4th, 2021 – Same Image.  Different Perspectives