Monica – Update August 8

Hi everyone, I didn't forget about this! Sorry I'm so late... combination of jet lag + laziness + processing time  But I came back home

Monica – Update August 82019-08-08T09:03:02+00:00

Monica – update July 22

Hi everyone, Hope all is well! It feels like I've been out here for a while, but it's only been a couple

Monica – update July 222019-07-24T11:30:52+00:00

Monica – update for July 16

Hi everyone, Hope y'all are doing fine! I meant to do this update a few days ago but haven't gotten around to

Monica – update for July 162019-07-18T14:09:46+00:00

Monica – update July 9

Hi everyone, Hope you're all doing okay! As an FYI there are probably about 40 of you receiving this email now, and

Monica – update July 92019-07-10T16:01:11+00:00

Monica – update June 24

Hi everyone, I'm excited this is finally happening! Thank you for committing to taking time to pray for me and Northeast Asia

Monica – update June 242019-07-03T10:18:20+00:00