Switched on Seniors is going live!

(Sort of – because COVID is still here it will be live on ZOOM!)

Our next meeting will be Feb 11th at 11 am. We will post the zoom link prior to the meeting. If you want to make sure you get it, sign up for our emails, and get the link sent straight to your inbox!

Unsure of how to get into Zoom? No problem – visit our website to watch a video about joining a Zoom meeting.

Looking for more info? Check out our website www.switchedonseniors.com. You can get all the news and check out some of our other ‘how to’ videos while you’re there.

Have a friend who’d like to come? Feel free to invite them to join us.

The Switched-on-Seniors programme is funded by The Federal Government through their New Horizons for Seniors programme and sponsored by St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church-Markham.