Just a Thought
In our Small Group Bible Study last night, we were reminded from the book of James on the importance of humility; particularly humility in our relationships and in our future plans.  Without humility, not only do we ignore God, but we take the place of God.  We think too highly of our judgements and our plans.  What a timely message for us at the beginning of 2022.  Let’s recognize God’s authority, and rule and reign over our lives.  May our decisions and actions reflect this as well.




This Sunday at 10:30 am, Peter will be speaking on
“Off-Kilter Religion” based on Colossians 2:6-23.
This Sunday we will induct John Buie and Isabel Cole, and ordain Robert Lewis, Eleanor White, and Wendy Wise, as elders for our church, serving on Session for the next 6 years.

We currently do not have in-person worship due to high pandemic numbers.

Join us online by Zoom link on Sundays at 10:30 am. 

Meeting ID: 786 2061 5001, Password: 4736
Feel free to login in up to 15 minutes earlier.
You may access our service by telephone with information at the bottom of page.



Zoom Link for Sunday Service

Or access our YouTube channel for a livestream starting after 10:30 am
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Church YouTube Channel

Upcoming Sermons

Jan 2   – Epiphany – Matthew 2:1-12
Jan 9   – The Baptism of Jesus – Luke 3:15-22
Jan 16 –  PWS&D Speaker – Guy Smagghe
Jan 23 – Jan 23  – I Believe in the Church: Off-Kilter Religion (Colossians 2:6-23)
Jan 30  – Communion – All for One Sunday
Feb 6 – I Believe in the Church: Signs of Grace (Colossians 4:2-18)




Youth & Family News

January Church School 
Currently, Story Time and Church School sessions, remain online until further notice.  We thank you for your continued support and patience and we look forward to reconnecting with the children and youth this weekend!

This Week in Church School
For a preview of each week’s lesson and discussion, check out the Bible Builders Section of the church website or click this link http://standrews-markham.ca/bible-builders-church-school-2/




Giving Hope to Others
Evangel Hall – Sandwiches

Thank you to Cate Bokhout for making the delivery of sandwiches and clothing in December.
Evangel Hall is now accepting adult clothing…  they are most in need of: Women’s new underwear (sizes small & medium), Men’s new underwear (sizes medium, large, & extra-large), Men’s T-shirts (sizes medium, large, & extra-large), Men’s Shorts (sizes medium, large, & extra-large) and Blankets.

Our next Sandwich delivery will be on the fourth Wednesday of the month: Jan 26.  Bring them on that day from 8:30 am to 9:30 am to the back (east) door of the church.  Thank you to the many who contribute to this ministry!

Markham Food Bank

Most needed food items:
Crackers, Small and Large Bags of Rice, Cake Mixes and Icing, Hot Cereal / Instant Oatmeal, Jam,
Canned Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines, Canned Evaporated Milk, Non-Dairy Milk, Canned Vegetables (not corn), Vegetarian Soups, , Kraft Dinner, Sidekick Pasta / Rice Pouches, Dry Soup Mix (e.g. Ramen Noodles), Cooking Oil, Baby Food (puree, formula, snacks & cereal), Diapers sizes 4, 5, & 6, Baby Wipes.




Church Family News

Pray for John Buie, Isabel Cole, Robert Lewis, Eleanor White and Wendy Wise as they are inducted / ordained on Sunday to serve as Elders on Session for a 6 year term.

Pray for Margaret Attridge who is now at Hill House Hospice and receiving wonderful care.  She misses her church family.

Do you have any news or prayer requests to share with the St. Andrew’s church family?  Please let Peter know about it. (You can reply to this email)




Church Events

Breaking News from the Personnel Committee

Velma Beesley our Church Secretary, a familiar and helpful member of the St Andrew’s staff for over 15 years and a member of our Church since 1985  will be leaving her position as of January 31, 2022.

So many of us over the years have enjoyed working with Velma. The voice that answers the Church phone and quick to assist in whatever may be the need.

On behalf of Session and the Congregation, the Personnel Committee  offers their gratitude to Velma for her long valued service and dedication to the St. Andrew’s Church community. Although we are sorry to see her leave, we are happy to know she will remain an active member of our Congregation.

Search Committee

On Tuesday, January 18, Presbytery appointed Rev. Jeremy Lowther, minister at Caven Bolton as Interim Moderator for St. Andrew’s Markham. This is to help the church work through the process of changing our Minister. Part of this process is the formation of a Search Committee. Working with the Interim Moderator, the committee develops a church profile, advertises for a minister, narrows down the candidates and eventually presents them for the congregation to hear. We are in the process of creating the Search Committee and will be contacting people in the coming weeks. We ask that you prayerfully consider serving in this important roll in the life of our church. If you have any questions about all of this, please contact John Hazlewood, Clerk of Session or Rev. Ma.

Edict of Ordination

Whereas, John Buie, Isabel Cole, Robert Lewis, Eleanor White and Wendy Wise, members of this church, have been duly elected to the eldership by this congregation, and have been approved by the session, notice is hereby given that the session will proceed to ordain Robert Lewis, Eleanor White, and Wendy Wise, and admit John Buie and Isabel Cole to that office on the 23rd day of January in the year 2022, at 10:30 o’clock unless some valid objection has been given unto the moderator within ten days from this date.

Job Advertisement

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Markham is seeking a Church Secretary for general administrative office work. The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate a high level of confidentiality, the ability to work with all types of personalities in a professional manner and possess good working knowledge of graphics, web-based software and Microsoft Office. For a complete job description, see this link here.
Sun Feb 6: Annual General Meeting at 1 pm

Please mark your calendars for our Annual General Meeting on Feb 6, 2022 at 1 pm by Zoom


Switched on Seniors

We are off to a great start with our new Coordinator Kathy DeFranco.
Join us to meet Kathy and engage in some of our upcoming programmes.

January 27th-we will host Part One of a ‘Slips & Falls’ presentation together with our usual fun games and facts.

February 3rd will be Part Two of the “Slips & falls’ event and a Bingo extravaganza.

February 10th  we will be enjoying Cooking with Renata to celebrate

Valentines Day, together with some Fantastic fitness news and activities.

Remember – It’s  always Thursday-log in about 10-45 a.m. to catch up with friends and acquaintances, and make some new friends.

www.switchedonseniors.com has all the information and the ZOOM link.

Click here for the latest Switched on Seniors Newsletter


There is a plentiful supply of masks available at the church, outside Peter’s office.  The masks are $5.00 each.  These masks all contain a third layer of non-woven polypropylene and can be comfortably worn over a paper surgical mask for added protection.

At the moment we are featuring beautiful batik colours, some of which are available with a matching batik necklace ($10.00 set), for a truly coordinated look!  Watch the basket for Winter Plaid, Valentine, Spring and Easter designs, which will be featured in the next batches.

If you have questions, please call Jean Port at 905 294 7966.

Money raised through these sales is currently being credited to the Iona Quilters Holding Account and will be distributed to worthy causes at a later date.

Tues Jan 25: Online prayer meeting

Join us for an online prayer meeting.
We welcome you… if you love to pray or if you simply want to observe.  It will be good to meet and pray together.

Peter Ma is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Prayer Group
Time: Jan 25, 2022  1:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting here  or call in:
1. Call one of these local phone numbers for Zoom:  647-374-4685 or 647-558-0588
2. When asked, type in the meeting ID:  835 6150 2210 #
3. Skip participant ID by pressing #
4. Enter password: 4736 #


Giving to St. Andrew’s

Thank you for your offerings even during this time.  Our church has ongoing bills and obligations, but we also have the privilege to give offering to God.  Here are ways to give:

1. Interac E-Transfer

Send an e-transfer to givetostandrews@gmail.com with your contact information in the optional message so we can issue a tax receipt to you.  (More info: http://standrews-markham.ca/give/)

2. Cheque
Mail to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 143 Main Street North, Markham ON, L3P 1Y2
For your convenience, post-dated cheques are also accepted.

Another possibility is Pre-Authorized Remittance, which allows for a monthly withdrawal from your bank account.  Ask Velma or Peter for more information.


The Church Office is Open!

If you need help or information, please call 905-294-4736 and dial extension 221 for Velma, or 223 for Peter.  Or, email Velma at standrews1 @ bellnet.ca or Peter at pma535 @ gmail.com (remove spaces).  Office hours for Velma are Monday to Wednesday from 9 am to 12 noon.


Small Group Bible Studies

Wednesday morning Bible Study at 10:00 am has just started.  We welcome all who are interested.
We also have a Small Group Bible Study meeting on Wednesday evenings by Zoom video.  If you are interested in studying the Bible in a friendly and welcoming environment, let Peter know.
Church Newsletter

Our Communicator Newsletter for Fall 2021 is available: Click here to download
Thanks to Cyntra Seebaransingh.

Access our worship service by telephone

(for those who don’t have Internet access)

Connect by telephone on Sunday at 10:30 am (a little earlier is better).
It’s a local phone call to Zoom conferencing, along with a meeting id and password.

1. Call one of these local phone numbers for Zoom:  647-374-4685 or 647-558-0588
2. When asked, type in the meeting ID:  786 2061 5001 #
3. Skip participant ID by pressing #
4. Enter password: 4736 #

This will be the same information each Sunday at 10:30 am.
Please consider passing this information on to anyone who might benefit.