Hi everyone,
Hope y’all are doing fine! I meant to do this update a few days ago but haven’t gotten around to it until now, sorry!
In terms of the being-in-a-new-environment stuff, I’ve thankfully adjusted pretty well! The jet lag only lasted a few days, I haven’t gotten sick, and the weather hasn’t been too hot. It’s just the interacting-with-people part that is more nerve-wracking. I didn’t realize how much you have to not care about what people think of you, just in order to survive and do necessary tasks. It’s inevitable that I’m going to screw up and people will think that I’m incompetent, especially because I look like I could be from here. But I guess that’s part of the learning experience.
We just finished a three-day VBS with a church, where the majority of the kids were non-churchgoers. Parents that weren’t Christians were sending their children to our camp because they wanted their kids to have a chance to learn English from native English speakers. We had to revamp a lot of our plans after the first day, but on the whole it was really fun! The kids were really cute and were starting to mimic a lot of our English words by the end of the three days. The people at the church were also really kind to us, and it was cool to feel a connection with them through shared faith, even though we couldn’t really talk to most of them. Some of the people that we worked more closely with on the camp mentioned to us at the end that we had encouraged them a little bit in their ministry, which was nice to hear. I found that taking some time out of my own contexts also re-energized me for some of the work that God has called me to at home in the future.
Right now, we’re in the middle of teaching English to refugee classes at a Christian school. It’s been very new and a lot more challenging than the VBS, because these people are around our age and much more closed off than the kids were. The first day we definitely didn’t do so well, but thankfully we’ve improved a little since then. I’m finding that this part of the trip definitely demands more trust in God’s ability to work through us, even if we don’t see results.
Prayer Requests
  • Thankful that there are a lot of people here taking care of us and watching out for us
  • Thankful that God was able to work through us at the VBS and that people were so accommodating to us
  • For faith and courage! So far this week has been something new every day, and it can be a little scary to just jump into it the way I know we need to.
  • That God would work through us somehow and continue to teach us more about Him
Thanks for reading! The next update might be in a few days because I put this one off for a bit, but we’ll see. Until next time!