Here we go again!New Emergency Measures are in place. Restrictions on movement, and more isolation. Here we go again!Santa was right! He asked us to be mindful that community outreach is a particularly important part of our church mission, even after Christmas, and in doing that, we benefit from the fellowship of working together. The members of the Catering, Quilters, and Bazaar teams agreed, and want to “stay in touch” and be helpful, through these somewhat bleak mid winter weeks.

The ladies are confident they can still prepare those Comfort Foods and Freshly Baked Yummies you enjoy, plus some Valentine Crafts, and have them ready for pick up on Friday, February 12th, right after the Stay-at-Home Order expires, and before Valentine’s Day. Should the Order be extended, contingency plans are being prepared.

The Valentine Market Partnership is also happy to announce that Session has agreed with their recommendation that all net proceeds of this Market go to the Markham Stouffville Hospital Covid-19 Relief Fund. This local charity helps fund the purchase of personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff, including hospital grade masks, gloves, gowns, and face shields along with other urgent needs.
Please have a look at the Mid Winter Comfort Menu and Valentines Crafts Catalogue by clicking on these links:

COMFORT MENU SOLD OUT – Thank you!                                      Valentines Crafts

You can place orders immediately by email, to, or by calling Roseanne at 905-294-2386. Your order can be picked up in the church parking lot between 10 AM and 1 PM, on Friday, February 12th. To minimize the handling of cash, prepayments are encouraged.



The Valentines Market just received 2 wonderful donations. This allows us to hold a unique
Mid Winter Auction to benefit the Markham Stouffville Hospital Covid-19 Relief Fund.
The first item is a very spectacular framed Watercolour, Winter Birch, by our own resident
artist Philip Port, and donated by Phil.

  • A great Valentine Gift for someone special!
  • Would also look Great hanging in your home or cottage!

The second donation is a Beautiful and Bountiful Valentines Basket, assembled by Roseanne
Dumitru, with contributions from friends and The Old Curiosity Tea Shop. This colourful gift includes:

  • Another way to treat yourself or use as an IDEAL Gift!

Everyone, except the administrator, John Dumitru, is invited to place a bid, starting today. This
Valentines Auction, which ends on February 5th at 8 P.M, will be a little different.

You can only bid once.

Your bid will be kept Confidential, and must include:

  • Your name and identification of the item you want.
  • A bid at least equal to the Minimum Bid. You may include up to 3 additional bids and authorize the Adjudicator to consider them only if your first bid is not successful.

Bids must be submitted to, or to Roseanne at 905-294-2386, before the Auction closes.
To ensure transparency, you are advised that Roseanne has already submitted a bid and it cannot be changed. At the close of the Auction, Peter Ma will adjudicate all bids and declare the winners. Please do not submit your bid to Peter.

It is our hope that you can support this unique addition to our Valentines Market to benefit the Markham Stouffville Hospital Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Sincerely, the ladies of the Valentine Market Partnership.

143 Main St. North, Markham, Ontario, L3P 1Y2
no regular office hours