Family Resources for Lent 2021

Lent Garden

Journey through Lent with this fun and interactive Lenten Gardens. Thanks to Rev. Tori Smit for creating & providing them for us to use.
Click here to get started!

The gardens start on Ash Wednesday, and then there will be a new one posted each Sunday.

Start by clicking on the bible on the park bench. With one click you will open up a collection of daily bible readings, children’s bible story readings, prayers, and questions to think about throughout each week.
Each of the itty bitty library boxes behind the park bench unlocks video recordings of a wonderful bible story read by a church leader for everyone to enjoy. These stories come from the bible storybooks listed in the weekly devotions.
The hanging flower basket will take you on a weekly adventure of garden musings and gardening ideas with Kristine O’Brien, an avid gardener, and thoughtful minister.
The guitar leaning against the tree sings out a brand new or much-loved hymn or song that will connect you to our weekly Bible stories and themes.
Feel like going for a walk? Click on the wooden door and walk into a world of labyrinth visits, reflections, and finger labyrinth opportunities.
Is it time to be creative? The garden gnome reveals a simple craft idea that makes use of materials that you likely already have at home.
And when it’s time for something to eat, click on the picnic basket for a new recipe to try out at home. 

40 Daily Ideas for Lent

Here is a list of daily ideas to do during Lent.  Try them on your own or as a family.  40daysLent2021

What is Lent?

Looking for a resource for your family during the season of Lent?  Download this booklet full of activities, family readings, and puzzles all about Lent and the days leading up to Easter.  What is Lent – Cokesbury Kids

2021 Giving Calendar

Traditionally, during Lent, we give up an item of food and for many of us, that is where the story ends.  The rest of the Lent participation involves giving the money we would have spent on that item away to charity.  This Giving Calendar (which looks like a game board) is an excellent resource if you want to be creatively charitable for Lent 2021.  2021GivingCalendarLent