How are you?
I am well here in the UK.
After the training period at Amnos Church Planning School in Brentwood, Essex (North east of London), I was sent to Southall Church in South-west London (near Heathrow Airport).
Praise the Lord that I have wonderful team members and the team leader.
At the hosting church, my team was asked to do children’s ministries, which is three days of VBS from Friday to Sunday.
I have four team members from South Korea. They have prepared children’s ministry programs (Arts and Craft, Music, and Sports). There are three team members from London, UK. In fact, they are from the church I used to attend. One of then is my church friend in Toronto.
We invited people in the local community. Thankfully, many parents and children have come to the church and participated.
I have been leading children’s worship songs and Bible program. I didn’t know that I would be leading actions to ‘Amazing Grace, Stand on the Rock’ and other Christian Children’s songs.
The children are so diverse that all their religions are different–Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and Christians.
It is God’s grace that He sent these children to us so we could lead them to Christ.
Things have been going well too.
Today is the busiest day, for there are Sunday services and the children’s program.
Door-to-door evangelism is starting tomorrow.
I pray that God continues to touch these children and their parents’ hearts for Jesus.
Thank you for praying for me.
I can feel that St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church is participating in this mission through prayers.
Jane Oh