Would you like to give by e-transfer?

You can send a donation to the following email address: givetostandrews@gmail.com

More detailed instructions:
1. Login to your banking app or website.

2. Choose e-transfer (or Electronic Funds Transfer)

3. Send to givetostandrews@gmail.com with no password or code required

4. Please provide your envelope # or first and last name in the Message box

(If you do not have envelopes at the church, please send us a separate email to givetostandrews@gmail.com,
with a way to contact you (email or phone or address).  This will
allow us to issue a tax receipt at the end of the year.)

5. If your donation is in memory of someone, please let us know in the memo line or via email,
so we can properly acknowledge it.

6. We will send acknowledgement that we have received your donation.
We will issue a charitable tax receipt at the end of the year.