The Make Mealtime Family Time™ Kits are designed to engage families in fun-n-faith activities during or immediately after a shared family meal at home or while out for a meal.

Goals of the Kit

  1. Encourage families to make mealtime family time—to have fun spending time together.
  2. Motivate households to talk more with each other about their faith.
  3. Demonstrate to the households in your congregation we are committed to homegrown faith—that all households need to grow in their faith in the congregation and at home.
  4. Pass on faith in Jesus Christ to the next generation.


Research has discovered that one of the most effective strategies parents and grandparents have for raising healthy, well-adjusted kids is to frequently eat meals together as a family. Family meals can include both fun and faith talk that can pass on a faith in Christ that lasts.

June Mealtime Kit

#2 Mealtime TalkTeasers

#2 Talk Snack

Can’t Say What You Want to Say Mealtime Activity Card

Family Memories.Recipe for a Mealtime moment

Healthy & Fast Snack Food.Healthy Snack Recipe

If You Love Me Bible Study

Rate Your Plate.Mealtime Idea Worth Trying

May Mealtime Kit

#1 Mealtime TalkTeasers

#1 Talk Snack


Mealtime with a Twist.Mealtime Idea Worth Trying


Peanut Butter Fun Dip.Healthy Snack Recipe

Put Up with Each Other Bible Study

Easter Mealtime Kit

Mealtime Easter Letter 2021

#1 Easter Conversation Coasters

#2 Easter Scripture Napkin Rings

#3 Personalized Easter Bible Passage

#4 Resurrection Cookies (two pages)