Building Faith @ Home is new to our youth and family ministry in 2021.  This short video segment, seen in the weekly worship service, offers suggestions and resources to parents, grandparents, guardians, and people of influence in the lives of children and youth.  The goal is to empower and equip families for their faith formation and journey.  Listed below are the resources presented during the service for you to try at home.

September 2021

Building Faith @ Home – Getting Ready for Thanksgiving.

Get ready for your October Family Mealtime Kit. This month’s theme is Thanksgiving. How will you express your gratitude this month? Click here to watch.


Building Faith @ Home – Happy (Real) New Year!

The activity that accompanies September, makes this month feel like the REAL New Year. Now is a great time to add or recommit to building faith at home. Small changes can have a long-term impact.

June 2021

Buiding Faith @ Home – What are you doing during Pentecost?

May 2021

Building Faith @ Home – Fire Sticks!

Celebrate Pentecost at home with your own fire stick! Find the link to the first stick instructions here.

Building Faith @ Home – Asking Questions. Finding Answers

Questions help us build connections and deepen relationships with our children, youth, and family members.

We continue to explore sharing scripture with our children and youth. Thank you to School of Kid Min for sharing the 4 R’s.

April 2021

Building Faith @ Home – Family Mealtime!

Arriving in the mail or ready for download is your Family Mealtime Kit. The resource is designed to help you and your family make the most of device-free, family meals. This kit includes discussion starters, activities, snacks, and games. Get your copy from the youth and family resources section of our webpage.

Building Faith @ Home  – Be a Person of Influence.

Children and youth are influenced by the people around them as they grow and mature. You can be a person of influence and encourage the next generation to read and love scripture.

Baking Faith @Home – Resurrection Rolls

Find you copy of the recipe in the resources section of this website!

March 2021

Building Faith @ Home – Putting Your Communication Skills to Work!

Family Mealtime Kits are in the mail.  If you do not receive one, copies will be available to download from the resources section after March 24th.

Building Faith @ Home – Effective Communication Part 2

Building Faith @ Home – Communication Barriers Part 1

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