Hi everyone,
Hope all is well! It feels like I’ve been out here for a while, but it’s only been a couple of weeks! One more to go – I’m flying home on the 28th!
This past Thursday, we finished up teaching English at a school for refugees. The first day didn’t go very well, to say the least. We weren’t sure what level of English we were dealing with, and struggled to fill a 2 hour class with no feasible plan. The students, all older than us, were also pretty closed off and clearly uncomfortable. But thankfully, we talked and worked on a plan for the rest of the day, and started praying the mornings before we left to go to the school, and the rest of the days turned out much better. We found a few activities that worked, got to know some of the students better, and helped them try out English words with a little more confidence. We didn’t have an opportunity to share the gospel with them, but we left some Bible verse packets with our first class. Hopefully, because it is a Christian school, our short time there contributes to the impression that the school gives off as a whole.
Thursday afternoon, we went to the airport to meet the American church team that we’re sticking with for our last week. The ESL camp they were planning didn’t start until Monday, so we got a chance to do some tourist things for the first time this trip! Learning about the history and the context of the country was interesting, and so was trying to become part of another team. Thankfully, they’re very open and welcoming, and it’s clear that they want to love God and others. Today was our first day of the ESL camp, and it was a lot of fun! I think we have something good going here, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
I think the main thing I’ve learned (or re-learned for the hundredth time) from all of this is about how important prayer is. Both LB and I agreed afterwards that there was no way we could have had a positive experience at that school on our own. And beyond doing it because the Bible says that God will answer, I’ve seen some of the ways it helps me. Praying before our English classes this past week helped me to give up wanting to control how well the class was going to go (because obviously I have no control in that area). It reveals sinful thoughts that pop up in my head during the day, and gives me time to counteract them with the truth about God. This leaves me much more open and ready to be used by God each day. Plus, I know that our work with these students is not even close to the amount of help that they need, so the need to pray for them is much more obvious in my mind. Praying for them gives me hope for them, and reminds me to trust in God’s plan and not my own.
Prayer Requests
  • Thanks that God has allowed us to link up with a church team with a real heart for Him and the students here
  • Thanks that we were able to enjoy a few days touring the country and city we are in
  • For the health of our team! I have a little bit of a cold, and a couple of people are dealing with injuries and pain.
  • That God would reach out to the students through the next few days, in whatever way is in His plan
Thanks! I think I’ll be able to send one more update after the camp before I come home, so I’ll catch you then!