How are you?
I have arrived safely at the Amnos Ministry Church Planting School for 4 days of practical evangelism training.
They use Trinity Church buildings and facilities for this training period.
Many people have come from the US, South Korea, and the UK for the missions.
I am the only one representing Canada (yay~!!!)
Today, I had an orientation in the afternoon and the evangelism training (worship services+sermons).
The speaker for the evening session was ‘Andy Hawthorne’, and he delivered such a powerful message.
The passage was from the book of Luke 5:1-10.
Simon Peter tried to catch fish all night yet he couldn’t. Jesus tells him to “put out into the deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”
The part when Peter said “But because you say so” highlights his obedience to Jesus.
Also, the passage demonstrates the humility, the heart do what Jesus said, the fact that revival needs hard work, and the work is done in teams (requires unity and teamwork).
I am encouraged that Jesus will be with me and the people as He is going to make us ‘fishers of men’.
Jesus calls us to be His witnesses, and tells us not to be afraid.
Tomorrow, we are going to find out our hosting churches. I am looking forward to meeting my team for this missions.
I am keeping in mind that St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is praying for me and the people here.
It truly gives me strength and courage.
I will update you as more things will come.
Thank you for the support and prayers.
Jane Oh